About Us

Hi, we’re Kelsey and Tasia Allrich, the faces behind Allrich Recycling. We’ve understood the importance of recycling since we were little, but it was when Tasia took a Master Recycler class in Oregon a couple years ago that she got an in-depth look at the impact recycling makes. When we moved to Alaska, Tasia followed her passion and found work at the Valley Community for Recycling Solutions. She learned the ins and outs of recycling in the Mat-Su borough, and is currently assisting the recycling center in creating lesson plans for a Master Recycler class in Alaska. She also saw a need in the community – a commercial recycling pick up service that was consistent, reliable, easy to work with, and dedicated to providing great service. Allrich Recycling has each of those qualities, and we're proud to offer curbside pickup for businesses throughout the Valley.