I just want a one time pick up, is that possible?

Yes! We understand that before or after a move, a big life change, or a holiday you may have an excess of recycling you want hauled away all at once. We are happy to provide bulk one-time pick ups. Please contact us for an appointment.

What do you accept?

We accept everything the Palmer recycling center accepts, which encompasses 14 different categories. We accept cardboard, paper, shredded paper, steel and aluminum cans, plastic bags and bottles, books, Christmas lights, etc. Here is a link to the recycling center in Palmer for more in-depth info: 


What about bad weather or holidays?

If we are closed on a holiday, we will notify you in advance. If we are unable to complete pick ups due to high winds, heavy snow, or icy roads, we will notify you. Please always secure your recycling with lids, covers, and weights for windy days.

What about glass?

 We are offering a pilot program for glass recycling with some local businesses, please contact us for more information.

How is Allrich Recycling supporting the recycling center in the Valley?

The recycling center is very important to the Valley, and supporting it is a top priority for us. Tasia is assisting the center in developing a Master Recycler program for Alaska, which we are very excited about, and Kelsey volunteers several times a month. We also donate to the center monthly to help with the cost of processing recyclables.